May 25, 2024

Britany: A New Creation


Learning the greatest gift of all is life.

Hello, my name is Britany.  For eight years I was lost to booze, drugs, and bad love.  My entire family suffered from my choices, including my daughter.  I had a relatively good childhood, aside from being raised by a single mother who expected perfection.  I grew up without my dad, which added an extra layer of confusion to my pain.  I believed that love was something to be earned, not something that was freely given.  I thought love was nothing more than gaining attention.  I hid in my own little world, but couldn’t make the agonizing pain on the inside go away, so I started cutting myself.  I made idols out of many worldly things, hoping and longing for them to fill the void inside of me.

After a few overdoses, I finally hit rock bottom.  I had nowhere else to look but up. I turned my eyes to Jesus and came to Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas.  Even though I had cursed Him, and refused to believe He even existed, it was He who set me free.  Jesus transformed my heart, my desires, and my ambitions.  Before, I felt burdened and overwhelmed by being a mother.  Now, I recognize that God gave me the greatest gift of all…He gave me life.