May 24, 2024

Alexa: A New Creation

Alexa.HoustonHello, my name is Alexa.  I was raised in a family that may have been portrayed by some people as the “all American dream”.  We attended church every Sunday, owned a beautiful home, and went on amazing vacations to Florida each year.  The reality was that my mother and father were abusive to each other daily, in plain view of me and my younger sisters.

At the age of ten, I started smoking and drinking.  At the age or 27, I chose to have an abortion.  After the abortion, I started smoking crack cocaine.  One and a half years later I was pregnant, and abortion was not an option.  I gave birth to my first daughter.  Then I had my second daughter and began developing a relationship with God.  I was very active in church and I developed good Christian relationships.  Then I fell, hard and became addicted to drugs.  I ended up prostituting to support my $300.00 a day habit while living under a bridge.

Our God is a God of Restoration and He is faithful.

My mom recommended Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas (ATCOT) and I agreed to go.  ATCOT has changed not only my life, but my family’s life.  Our God is a God of restoration and He is faithful.  I am building a relationship with Him based on a solid foundation that I could only have achieved by coming to ATCOT.  Being at ATCOT has taught me to be still and hear His voice.